16 May 2013

Review: Nivea Glamorous Gloss (natural)

Hi all!!
Ok so ladies today my review is all about Nivea glamorous lip gloss.. Lip glosses are an essential part for a college girl like me.. Not only girls but women also love lip glosses on their lipsticks to make them look shiny and flattery.. Right ladies?? ;)   So, come on read my review and get to know about the lip gloss from Nivea..

Price: Rs.139 for 8.5ml
Nivea Glamorous gloss

 What the company claims??

The innovative formula of Nivea Glamorous Gloss, with ultra shine pigments and exotic scents, brings dazzling shine to your lips and provide long lasting moisturization and care..

Not mentioned anywhere… :O

Packaging: A sleek pink colored tube with transparent screw cap and slant applicator..

Slant tip applicator

My experience with Nivea Glamorous Gloss:
So here we go… I spotted this lip gloss in a small cosmetic shop and I quickly purchased it seeing its sleek tube packaging and pinky colored tube..  When I tried it, for the first time I found out that I hate it coz of its smell.. But then when I tried for 2nd and 3rd time, the smell changed.. I think it was the smell of plastic for the first time but then it settled when I opened it couple of times.. It has a scenty smell which does not stay for long when applied on lips.. It doesn’t have any taste and it contains shimmer particles also to make your lips shine… It keeps lips moisturizing for few hours but not for long, maybe 1-2 hour.. So you have to apply it again and again.. But yes, its easy to carry that sleek tube in handbag.. :D Maybe will suit to college girls who won’t mind reapplying again and again… :P

Swatch.. (hope you can see glitter)

Likes :)
·       * Sleek tube packaging
·       * Contains shimmery particles to make lips glossy
·       * Moisturizes lips
·       * Easy to carry
·       * Slant tip applicator is good for even application

after spreading..

Dislikes :(
·       * Some may find its smell weird (sensitive nose people, like me)
·       * Ingredient list not mentioned
·       * Reapplication needed after 1-2  hours

Will I recommend/ purchase it again??
Well I won’t purchase it again because I told you na I have sensitive nose and I didn’t like its smell.. Otherwise it is suitable for college goers and also for ladies who want their lip gloss to settle after few hours.. 

Scoreboard: 7/10 :)

15 May 2013

Review: Online shopping experience with Flipkart.com

Hi gorgeous ladies.. Today I will be sharing my shopping experience with the most popular site Flipkart.com… Rated  best amongst delivery and products, this site has become no.1 in online shopping sites.. What was my experience with them??  Thumbs up or thumbs down..?? Read on further to know the answer.. ;)
Flipkart.com cardboard box


About Flipkart.com (from site) :
Flipkart is a leading destination for online shopping in India, offering some of the best prices and a completely hassle-free experience with options of paying through Cash on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking processed through secure and trusted gateways.

You can visit the site by clicking here… 

My journey with flipkart.com
This was my first site through which I started the journey of online shopping.. :P I came to know about it through advertisement where small and cute children enact about their fast delivery and all.. Since I was new to online shopping world, I was not sure whether they will deliver the same product on time or not… :D (my curiosity :O) And today it’s been 4-5 times I have shopped from them.. :D Yes, they are responsible for making me an online shopper… Coming back to their service and products.. The range of products available is really huge.. It is super easy to navigate the site and the delivery is too fast.. I received my orders in a day or two… Believe me, if you want a product urgently, buy it from flipkart.. The products come in a usual cardboard box with flipkart written everywhere and inside are the products, not bubble wrapped but in perfect condition.. :P They have also started selling women’s clothing and footwear which was not available before.. :D Coming to payments, they have all types of payments including cash on delivery on orders above Rs. 500… Till date, I have received all products perfectly so I haven’t opted for returns.. (thankfully :P)

Inside the box..
My order with bill..
Likes :)
·       * Easily navigable site
·       * Fastest delivery
·       * Flexible payment methods
·       * Huge range of products
·       * Products reach in perfect condition always
·       * 30 day return policy

Dislikes :(
·       * Cash on delivery only on order above rs. 500 otherwise nominal shipping charges apply..
·       * Jewellery is not available

Products I ordered..

 Lets see what I ordered??
* Vaseline healthy white body lotion
* Nourish minty lip balm (check review here)
* Tresemme keratin smooth shampoo
Reviews of above coming up soon... :)

Will I shop with them again/ recommend you to shop?
What do you think… :P Obviously yes yes yes… I have already shopped with them 4-5 times and no doubt its no.1 online shopping site… :P Come on check it out and place your orders.. :*

Scoreboard- 9/10 :D :D

14 May 2013

Review: Nourish Minty Fresh Lip Balm

Hi sweeties.. Today my review is all about a lip balm from nourish in mint flavour.. I know its not that famous and you will definitely not find the review of this product in most of the blogs.. I came across this lip balm from flipkart.. And the cute and colourful packaging attracted me to buy one.. I bought the minty flavour because it was cheap among the rest.. :P Read on to know if it really works…

Nourish minty lip balm

Cute packaging :)

Price: Rs.246 for 20g (I got it on discount for Rs.176)
 You can buy this product from flipkart.com (till stock last)
Packaging: A cute tub with silver lid... :D
Huge tub...
My experience with Nourish Minty Lip Balm:
When this lip balm arrived I was in love with its packaging as it came in the hut shaped box and when I opened it, it was sealed with a plastic cover.. It is a huge tub which will last for months.. It has totally buttery texture and the smell is minty… (tooo minty) :D… When applied on lips, it gives a cooling effect (maybe because of its flavour) and it really melts on the lips.. You have to be very careful while applying otherwise you will end up applying too much.. It comes clear on lips and gives a glossy effect.. Staying power is good but if you are planning to apply it under your lipstick then beware, your lipstick will not stay for long… :P It moisturises the lips well (I recommend to apply it at night and wake up with soft lips in morning).. It have melted like a butter in summers now..:P The smell is too strong and I wish that I had opted for bubblegum flavour as mint is not my all time favourite.. It has no taste and also its not too heavy on lips.. J And yes it comes in different flavours like chocolate, lemon, mint, bubblegum, strawberry… 

Likes :)
·        *Cute packaging
·       * Lots of product
·       * Gives a cooling effect
·       * Moisturizes lips very well
·       * Staying power is good
·       * Will last for months
Swatch... (sorry for unwaxed hands.. )

Dislike :(
·       * Smell is too strong
·       * Applying under lipstick will not make it last longer
·       * Sometimes you may end up in applying too much
·        * Comes in tub (hygiene problem for some)

Will I recommend/purchase it again?
Well, I get bored with same products very soon and this one is 20g.. But if you are a lip balm person then you should give this one a try.. 

Scoreboard: 7/10 :)

5 Apr 2013

Online Shopping Experience with Bagskart.com

Hi everyone..
Today I would like to share my shopping experience with online shopping site bagskart.com. I have heard so many negative reviews about this site due to which I was so worried when I placed my order with them.. To know my experience with them, read on..
It also facilitates watches, optical wear and jewellery through its sister sites watchkart.com, lenskart.com and jewelskart.com respectively which I haven't tried yet..

You can visit the site by clicking this LINK..

bagskart.com packet
About Bagskart.com-
Bagskart.com is India’s leading online retailer of exclusive bags. We offer one of the biggest selection of sports & designer bags by the world’s leading manufacturers like Wenz, etc.
We offer the same product that you’ll find at your neighborhood bag store at a much lower price. Order online with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Our services are fast and efficient and your payment is securely processed by the CCAvenue Gateway. We have a professional and committed customer support team who are always there to attend to your doubts and queries regarding a product or purchase. We welcome your valuable feedback to make shopping a truly memorable experience on Bagskart.com.

well it doesn't contain my bag because I picked it out but it came inside it

bag came bubble wrapped and in cloth packet

My personal experience with bagskart.com-
Ok so here we go.. Well first I would like to tell you that the customer service is very polite and helpful. It contains a chat option also through which you can chat directly with customer care executive and ask your doubts to get them answered immediately. The site is easy to navigate and believe me by seeing the pictures you will love each and every product but since I heard that they are Photoshopped and the color is different (the one in pic and the original that you get), then you have to take care.. Well for me it was nothing like that.. I ordered one bag and it was same as it was shown in the picture.. Plus, I received my product in 2 days time frame. They also have a cash on delivery option which I always opt for with free cancellation service and 14 day return option.. :D With my order I received a return form and a sticker so that the courier company can deliver the same to bagskart office and a discount coupon for my next purchase.. I received my bag in a packet inside which my bag was bubble wrapped and was in perfect condition.. :)

Summing up
Likes :)
* easily navigable site
* nice collection
* fast delivery
* polite customer service
* nice packaging
* cash on delivery available
* international shipping available 

sticker to stick on package if you want to return the product

Dislikes :(
* some may find that the pictures at site and product that they receive are different
* drop off facility available only in major cities

Will I shop with them again?
yes ladies, I found it a great site and I haven't faced any problem so I will buy from them again.. And I will recommend all of you to give it a try once.. :*

Return form

I got this bag.. (pic from site)