16 May 2013

Review: Nivea Glamorous Gloss (natural)

Hi all!!
Ok so ladies today my review is all about Nivea glamorous lip gloss.. Lip glosses are an essential part for a college girl like me.. Not only girls but women also love lip glosses on their lipsticks to make them look shiny and flattery.. Right ladies?? ;)   So, come on read my review and get to know about the lip gloss from Nivea..

Price: Rs.139 for 8.5ml
Nivea Glamorous gloss

 What the company claims??

The innovative formula of Nivea Glamorous Gloss, with ultra shine pigments and exotic scents, brings dazzling shine to your lips and provide long lasting moisturization and care..

Not mentioned anywhere… :O

Packaging: A sleek pink colored tube with transparent screw cap and slant applicator..

Slant tip applicator

My experience with Nivea Glamorous Gloss:
So here we go… I spotted this lip gloss in a small cosmetic shop and I quickly purchased it seeing its sleek tube packaging and pinky colored tube..  When I tried it, for the first time I found out that I hate it coz of its smell.. But then when I tried for 2nd and 3rd time, the smell changed.. I think it was the smell of plastic for the first time but then it settled when I opened it couple of times.. It has a scenty smell which does not stay for long when applied on lips.. It doesn’t have any taste and it contains shimmer particles also to make your lips shine… It keeps lips moisturizing for few hours but not for long, maybe 1-2 hour.. So you have to apply it again and again.. But yes, its easy to carry that sleek tube in handbag.. :D Maybe will suit to college girls who won’t mind reapplying again and again… :P

Swatch.. (hope you can see glitter)

Likes :)
·       * Sleek tube packaging
·       * Contains shimmery particles to make lips glossy
·       * Moisturizes lips
·       * Easy to carry
·       * Slant tip applicator is good for even application

after spreading..

Dislikes :(
·       * Some may find its smell weird (sensitive nose people, like me)
·       * Ingredient list not mentioned
·       * Reapplication needed after 1-2  hours

Will I recommend/ purchase it again??
Well I won’t purchase it again because I told you na I have sensitive nose and I didn’t like its smell.. Otherwise it is suitable for college goers and also for ladies who want their lip gloss to settle after few hours.. 

Scoreboard: 7/10 :)

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