26 Mar 2013

Review : Fabindia lemon intensive hand cream

Hello beautiful ladies.. Hope everyone is doing good.. :) So here today I bring the review of Fabindia lemon intensive hand cream.. Well, I have dry skin and gradually I saw that my hands have become dried out and it looked like wrinkled hands.. ewww.. :( And this is not all, even my nail cuticle tend to dry out giving my nails a dull look.. So I thought "that's it", I have to take care of my hands in harsh weathers now a days.. both in winters as well as summers.. So I decided to buy a hand cream and found this Fabindia cream online..

Price - Rs 175/- for 120 ml  (I got it for rs. 160 as a discount on flipkart)

Fabindia hand cream

What product claims? 
An intensive non-greasy cream, this formulation combines natural extracts with essential oils. While lemon lightens the skin, glycerine soften it. regular application ensures your hands remain supple and smooth.

Directions for use-
  Smoothe over hands as often as required, especially after washing.


It comes in a tube with flip flop opening..

 My experience with Fabindia lemon intensive hand cream-
 Ok ladies, so this is my first hand cream and i really loved it.. :) Well, it obviously did miracles on my hand.. First of all, as it claims it is non greasy and its the best part as I hate those creams which make me sweat.. :( I just loved the way it made my hands so soft and you know what, it made my hands fairer too with time ( maybe within 2-3 weeks) *yayy*.. Yes it's true that it removes sun tan and make your hands soft with your natural colour.. Next thing that i love is its smell.. It has a lemon fragrance which remain for sometime and its not overpowering at all.. So all those ladies who have sensitive nose like me, this cream is best for you.. :) And yes, last thing but not the least is that only pea-sized amount is sufficient for both palms front and back which make the cream last for about 2 months or more.. :D

Flip flop opening
Likes :)
* make hands soft
* removes sun tan and make hands look fairer
* lemon fragrance is awesome
* only pea size amount is sufficient
* softens nail cuticles
* tube packaging  (hygiene purpose)
* easily available online or at fabindia store


My hands became soft and fairer (lovely na.. )
Dislikes :(
* ingredient list is too long
* contains parabens

Will I recommend/ purchase it again?
hell ya.. I loved what it did to my hands and I will recommend to everyone with dry hands to give this one a try.. :)

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