21 Feb 2013

Online Shopping Experience from Urbantouch.com

Hello sweet ladies.. So my first review is on the beautiful site urbantouch.com.. You can access this site by clicking this link..
Well, I was just surfing the net and shortlisting few sites for online shopping and got to know about urbantouch.. I thought of buying some stuff from there but wait a minute, I was not done searching yet.. :p I have to get reviews of this site.. So I searched for reviews and some were really bad while some were good too.. So I finally decided to give it a try.. :D
When I checked it out, I was surprised to see their collection, it was soooo cooool.. :D There were so many brands out there.. Obviously I couldn't resist myself from buying.. :D
P.S Sorry, this time I clicked photos from my phone because I was excited to click and my camera was not charged.. :)

Let me first introduce the site to you.. (as its written on their site)
UrbanTouch.com serves an essential human need - to look beautiful. We offer only the best and biggest brands so you can remain assured of the quality of every item we sell. We aim to provide you an incredible shopping experience, a wide range of brands and excellent customer service.
Quality Assurance
We offer high-end brands in beauty, personal-care and fashion. Every product we sell is 100% genuine. If you are not satisfied with a product you can return it and obtain a refund, no questions asked.
Customer Delight
We strive to delight customers with our service and will go the extra mile to keep them happy. Apart from maintaining high standards of quality, we follow a 'No Questions Asked' returns policy.

Cool black box in which my products came..

Inside the box, contents were covered by thermocol..

My experience with them.. <3
Yes, with the heart(<3)  you can guess it that I had a very good experience.. :D But you have to read further.. *hehe* Basically I ordered 2 times from them and I really had a great experience.. Both time I got my parcel within 2 days time frame.. When I ordered the 2nd time, they shipped it within 2 hours (oh mann, that was soo surprising)..  They accept online banking, credit cards,debit cards and have an option of cash on delivery also, so I always opt for that.. but they offer it for orders above rs.500 :/ (this is soo bad..) otherwise they charge rs.50.. Coming to their packing, it's really great.. The products come in a cool black box, each bubble wrapped inside.. (ya you can use the box for storing your stuff :p) So, overall I love shopping with them and they haven't disappointed me yet..  :) :*
Enjoy the pics.. :)

Items bubble-wrapped

My small haul which I got from urbantouch.com..
I also got earrings which were inside another small box as you can see below  .. :)
In the box
My stuff..

So lets see what I got..
  1. Hobby wet wipes ( top left)
  2. Street wear nail paints and 1 colorlife nail paint (top right)
  3. Laron big mesh ball earrings (below left)
  4. Kara facial wipes (below right) 
Reviews of above products coming up soon.. :) :* 

Will I shop with them again??
Hell yaa.. :D I love shopping with them and they deliver it so fast.. How can I leave them.. :D

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