14 Mar 2013

Etude nail paint review

Hi sweet readers... Sorry I'm writing a post after so long... But What to do guys... Exams going on, can't help it... :P but anyways today I finally got an opportunity to write a review for beautiful ladies...
So here I am with a fabulous review of a nail paint .. I  know ladies we all are fond of nail paints and I always love to collect as many of them as possible and still we think that we don't have any colour matching our style.. lol.. :D
So here I bought a really cheap nailpaint from a small shop and believe me I was longing for such shade.... :P and finally I got it... Yippee... :D
Etude nail paint shade 148
Price: - rs 25
My experience with etude: -
When I first saw the shade I grabbed it instantly without thinking of price an stuff but when the SA told me that it's only for 25 bucks I jumped out of joy..  it was unbelievable that I got that shade for such a low  price and not from brands like maybelline..  So anyways I was excited to try that on and Oh my when I tried it,  it was just awesome... The shade is peachy with pink undertone.. and it looked Fab on my nails... I <3 this nail paint... But there's a drawback too..  the consistency was a bit thick,  I don't know why.. (maybe I got this thicker one ) but still I love it... And thickness is not a big issue.. I solved it by adding little acetone to it... ;) coming to the brush, it was nice as it helped me to give an even application... 
Suming up... Overall... 
Likes-- :)
* loved the colour
* brush gives an even application
* nice bottle shape
* low price
Dislikes -- :(
* consistency was a bit thick
That's all.. I can't think of any more...
Will I buy it again??
Maybe yeah.. if I get a chance... :)
Enjoy the pics and see how it look on my nails....  :) :)
peachy pink colour.. :)
Brush gives an even application..
How it looks on my nails.. :*


Anonymous said...

nice review.. :)

Ruchi said...

Thank you beautiful reader... :)

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