20 Feb 2013

My First Post- Introduction

Hi!! This is my first post on this blog and I'm so nervous and at the same time sooo happy.. ya, so this post is all about introducing you guys to the blog and whats behind the blog.. yummm isn't it??
Let's get started...

Intro of the blog owner i.e meee.. :D
As you know my name is Ruchi and I'm new to the world of makeup and beauty.. Ahh yes, a college girl is the one who is crazy about shopping and beauty stuff as she is new to it and believe me its true.. you have a live example in front of you..:P Yes, I'm a shopaholic and crazy about collecting different handbags and you know creams, kajals, blah blah.. OMG, there is so much to talk about.. :happydance: I will definitely take time to set up this blog and make it popular among many beautiful readers as I know that no one can touch the skies in a day.. :P So I'm prepared and I hope my blog reach to the whole world one day.. :D

How the blog evolved??
Scared?? hehe.. read the heading and thought of science and stuff..? :P don't worry I'm just gonna share how I got the idea of setting up my own blog.. :) Well, I was surfing the net one day and found a new world, The Blog World.. :P And then, Thanks to online shopping that I discovered a term "review" and started reading products review each time before I clicked ' place order'.. :D So yes I discovered a whole new blogging world and thought to set up my blog.. yeaaaah.. :P

Story behind the name of the blog.. <3
So here it comes.. I hope you liked the name first, "Colour Me Pink" and frankly it just clicked one day when I was in my room sitting ideally.. :p Pink is the most beautiful color in the world according to me as I loveeee it soooo much... It suits me and I 'm crazy about it.. Whenever I buy something for my room, it has to be pink and as a result my room is pinky baby.. :D  And so I decided to name my blog after it and as you can see the layout of the blog is also pink.. Oh mann, its too much pink.. :D ;)

So here I come to the end of introduction.. Hope you like it.... :*

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