14 May 2013

Review: Nourish Minty Fresh Lip Balm

Hi sweeties.. Today my review is all about a lip balm from nourish in mint flavour.. I know its not that famous and you will definitely not find the review of this product in most of the blogs.. I came across this lip balm from flipkart.. And the cute and colourful packaging attracted me to buy one.. I bought the minty flavour because it was cheap among the rest.. :P Read on to know if it really works…

Nourish minty lip balm

Cute packaging :)

Price: Rs.246 for 20g (I got it on discount for Rs.176)
 You can buy this product from flipkart.com (till stock last)
Packaging: A cute tub with silver lid... :D
Huge tub...
My experience with Nourish Minty Lip Balm:
When this lip balm arrived I was in love with its packaging as it came in the hut shaped box and when I opened it, it was sealed with a plastic cover.. It is a huge tub which will last for months.. It has totally buttery texture and the smell is minty… (tooo minty) :D… When applied on lips, it gives a cooling effect (maybe because of its flavour) and it really melts on the lips.. You have to be very careful while applying otherwise you will end up applying too much.. It comes clear on lips and gives a glossy effect.. Staying power is good but if you are planning to apply it under your lipstick then beware, your lipstick will not stay for long… :P It moisturises the lips well (I recommend to apply it at night and wake up with soft lips in morning).. It have melted like a butter in summers now..:P The smell is too strong and I wish that I had opted for bubblegum flavour as mint is not my all time favourite.. It has no taste and also its not too heavy on lips.. J And yes it comes in different flavours like chocolate, lemon, mint, bubblegum, strawberry… 

Likes :)
·        *Cute packaging
·       * Lots of product
·       * Gives a cooling effect
·       * Moisturizes lips very well
·       * Staying power is good
·       * Will last for months
Swatch... (sorry for unwaxed hands.. )

Dislike :(
·       * Smell is too strong
·       * Applying under lipstick will not make it last longer
·       * Sometimes you may end up in applying too much
·        * Comes in tub (hygiene problem for some)

Will I recommend/purchase it again?
Well, I get bored with same products very soon and this one is 20g.. But if you are a lip balm person then you should give this one a try.. 

Scoreboard: 7/10 :)

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